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Collapsable Poker Table by Peter

The top octagonal section is made of Cherry with a circular Wenge inlay. The legs are made of laminated Maple.
The table has been designed so that the top can be folded and the legs stowed for easy transportation.
Peter’s comments on the piece:
“I play poker and the venue of play changes, so a collapsable poker table made sense to me. I was drawn to an octagonal shape for the top rather than round or hexagonal, however decided to include a circular inlay of wenge as a demarcation to where poker chips and drinks sit and where the card action takes place.
The circular inlay also reflects the curve of the laminated Maple legs and helps to unite the two components – the top and legs. I had never explored lamination before so to create the full half-circle legs that are deconstructible was a fun and valuable experiment.
I wanted to feature the 4 brass counter hinges on top of the table to show off the mechanics of the fold. I’m happy with this prototype and its inspired ideas for further refinements and developments.”