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Sea Chest by Lewis

For my personal project, I designed and built a sea chest made from Black Walnut with a curved, laminated lid, decorative banding around the body and lid, and set with a polished Jurassic Coast ammonite at the front.

After undertaking both the 12-week Furniture Making and the Advanced Furniture Making courses at the BBA Furniture School, I wanted to really challenge myself to design and build something that pushed me and the skills I have gained over the six months that I have trained here.

I challenged myself to use the plethora of skills I had learned, and employ as many as I could to make this piece. From complex jig making and routing to accurately cut and fit banding sections, to cutting my own veneers and laminating the panels, making a jig to laminate on a curve and accurately set the curved bandings to the lid, to accurately fitting intricately small mitred mortise and tenons in the carcass, I can honestly say I that it was a challenge but I am thrilled with the end result.

I feel that the chest I built honestly showcases what I have learned here and, to me, truly memorialises my time at the BBA Furniture School.