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Tripod Table by Mike

“This occasional table was designed to fit over the arm of a comfortable sofa at home and is made from American Black Walnut, finished with 5 coats of satin Osmo PolyX .

The basic idea of a tripod table was inspired by one of Fernweh Woodworking’s designs, although this table differs in design details: for example the legs are shaped by hand and move smoothly from circular at the base to a rounded square at the joins, the height is customised, and the top is a different design.

The join between the two short legs and the long leg was a real challenge to make simply and strongly.  After a couple of prototypes, we decided to use floating tenons vertically to join the two short legs, and three steel threaded rods set in epoxy to join the two short legs to the longer leg.  All this joinery is hidden, resulting in a joint that is very strong yet looks very simple”.